About Us

Our company adventure began in 2013 in ISTOC Toptancılar Çarşısı (Wholesale Bazaar). Bastonlu Züccaciye, having transferred its rich experience of the field into a new brand Baroness since 2015, made a rapid start into the industry with a range of useful products. Our company has expanded its capacity with useful, up-to-date and contemporary products by opening its doors to the changing, developing and creditable designs of our age.

Our company, paying regard to the needs and wants of our day, perform with a range of products for both nationwide and adjacent countries abroad. The achievement of our concept owes to the detailed studies performed national and international job fairs.

Our recent investments for our brand has made us one of the leading companies notwithstanding the increasing competitiveness of the field. We keep gaining ground, growing stronger each day with various services inside the field under the brand of Baroness. And we give priority to our marketing network in the light of growing our share within the sector.

We strive to respond positively to your practical, practical and modern product needs.